Parish Pastoral Council, 2017-2018:
  1. Curt Aronson – Chair
  2. Kate DeVries – Staff Representative
  3. Mary Pat Flaherty –  Finance Committee Representative
  4. Ernie Froemel – Implementation Team Representative
  5. Mark Gies – Parish Life Commission Representative
  6. Barb Kalnes – Spirituality/Worship Commission Representative
  7. Kevin Owens – Human Concerns Commission Representative
  8. Bill Tkachuk- Pastor
  9. Diane Walsh – Co-Chair
  10. Shared - Youth Council Representation
  11. Open – Education & Formation Commission Representative

The St. Francis Xavier Parish Pastoral Council is a group of prayerful, humble, reflective and sensitive people who gather to dream, listen and plan. They are attentive to the movement of the Holy Spirit as reflected in the life of the parish.  The Council gathers wisdom, fosters dialogue and leads the parish community to consensus.

The Parish Pastoral Council meets on the third Saturday of the month from September through May in the Courtyard Room of the Rectory.

Our Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is based upon a model of broad consultation among all parish ministries and organizations.  This model supports our Parish Prophetic Plan, by increasing communication, enhancing lay leadership, and providing training and other resources for council members and volunteers.


Vision Statement by our Pastor, Fr. Bill Tkachuk (Click below):