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Saint Francis Xavier Parish



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Parish Commissions

Parish Ministries and Organizations are divided into 4 Commissions:


Spirituality/Worship    Inserted Image

The purpose of the Spirituality/Worship commission is to encourage the work of sanctification/growth in holiness, through worship, renewal opportunities, vocations, ministry or care/outreach to shut-ins, etc.  This group helps to realize the broader vision of the significance of evangelization for the life and mission of the parish. They are about developing whelp people grow on their spiritual journey.



Parish Life    Parish Life

This Commission exists to help build community in the parish and to foster a sense of belonging. Its members are themselves concerned, interested and sensitive to the communal/social needs of the parish and the interests and needs of special groups within the parish. They help promote communication between parish organizations, coordinate activities and parish events, and help bring freshness of vision into parish organizations.



Human Concerns    Human Concerns

The Human Concerns Commission exists to enable parishioners as individuals and as members of groups that help people with their human needs. They are about fulfilling the social, ecumenical, interreligious and service mission of the parish. Members of this Commission help people understand and act upon the conviction that social justice and concern for others is constitutive of the Gospel message.



Education & Formation    Education and Formation

The purpose of this commission is to promote education, especially religious education of all members of the parish, birth to death. The members exercise leadership and provide direction indicative of their own unity of purpose in the whole field of Catholic Education. This Commission fosters communication, cohesiveness, and collaboration among the various educational entities, provides proper consultation with parish goals, and insures that the parish mission and goals guide the ongoing work of each parish educational entity, office or program.



Commission Goals:

1. To work toward accomplishing the parish goals identified through the Prophetic Plan.


2. To take those goals back to their ministries/organizations, so they, too, can take action to respond to the goals.

A representative from each of the 4 Commissions serves on the Parish Pastoral Council, bringing their insights, shared wisdom, and experience to the conversation.


Click to see which ministries and organizations fall within each of the 4  Commissions.

Click for information about the Revised Commission Structure.