If you are looking for worthy organizations in need of your support, we can recommend the following: 


A Special Request from Fr. Stan Ilo

Fr. Stan writes, “My dear friends, I am sure you have heard in the news of the grave suffering and hunger in South Sudan as a result of famine and war. I want you all to help me spread this message….”
Read Fr. Stan’s Letter to the SFX Community
Donate through the Go Fund Me page
Donate through the charity Fr. Stan leads in Toronto:  Canadian Samaritans for Africa.


Taller de José – A Ministry of the Congregation of St. Joseph

3047 W. Cernak, Chicago, IL 60623

Taller de José (“Joseph’s Workshop” in Spanish) is a resource center for persons seeking assistance with problematic situations in their lives. This ministry refers and accompanies clients to community service providers where they can find help for the human suffering caused by, but not limited to, hunger, domestic abuse, addictions, homelessness, sickness, immigration issues, and violence.  Contact: Kathy Brazda, CSJ, 773-543-1019, srkathy@tallerdejose.org.



The Constance Morris House – A Pillars Community Service

Constance Morris House is a domestic violence shelter and program for women and children fleeing abusive relationships. CMH offers safe haven, advocacy, and counseling for women and children experiencing domestic violence.  This is the only such shelter in the near western suburbs and it is among the first to offer on-site healthcare and substance abuse counseling.
Website: www.pillarscommunity.org



Interfaith Community Partners (St. Francis Xavier is a member Church)

Interfaith Community Partners is a non-profit organization that works together with volunteers to provide accompanied rides to older adults to places like their physician appointments, therapies, and life-enhancing errands such as the grocery store, bank, hairdresser, and church. Volunteer drivers are always in demand.
Website: www.interfaithcommunitypartners.org

Amate House

Amate House is the young adult volunteer program for the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Since our founding in 1984, we have been dedicated to providing young adults with opportunities for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.  Our program is designed to support and form leaders for the Church and world, as well as to provide services in response to the needs of the poor and marginalized.

Each year, 30+ college graduates devote a year to serving in Chicago as Amate House volunteers. These young adults live in community houses in the neighborhoods where they serve, spend 40+ hours a week performing critical tasks at financially strapped nonprofits, parishes and schools in the city, and participate in a formation program that encourages them to understand and explore the link between Christian faith and service.
Website: www.amatehouse.org

Solidarity Bridge 

Through bonds of solidarity, Solidarity Bridge serves the poor in partnership with Latin American counterparts. Rooted in the Catholic tradition, Solidarity Bridge welcomes people of all faiths and traditions who wish to serve the poor through urgent medical care and Fair Trade partnerships. In a spirit of mutuality, channels are created for the abundant good will and generosity of individuals and organizations to reach the poor. In respect for all members of our human community, Solidarity Bridge serves the poor of Bolivia equally regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, sex or age. In service to the poor, Solidarity Bridge advocates for justice and solidarity between North and South America.
Website: www.solidaritybridge.org



Boys Town of Chicago 
4538 S. Hermitage Avenue
Chicago, IL 60609
Michelle LaGroue, Development Director


Boys Town is a beacon of hope for America’s children and families through its life-changing youth and health care programs across the United States. The 90-year old organization is embarking on a new mission to affect change in the puzzling system by building a continuum care to provide the right services at the right time based on a child’s or family’s needs.
Website: www.boystown.org



Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services carries out the commitment of the Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas. CRS is motivated by the Gospel of Jesus Christ to cherish, preserve and uphold the sacredness and dignity of all human life, foster charity and justice, and embody Catholic social and moral teaching as it acts to promote human development by responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful and just societies; and, serves Catholics in the United States as they live their faith in solidarity with their brothers and sisters around the world. As part of the universal mission of the Catholic Church, CRS works with local, national and international Catholic institutions and structures, as well as other organizations, to assist people on the basis of need, not creed, race or nationality.
Webite: www.crs.org



Pennies for Peace

Pennies for Peace (P4P) is a program of the Central Asia Institute (CAI) founded by Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools. The CAI is helping to build chools, especially for girls who have been largely ignored, in the remote mountain regions of Central Asia.  Donations go entirely to but school supplies, desks and furniture, as well as to teacher training in CAI’s schools in remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Website: www.penniesforpeace.org



Red Cloud Indian School, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

The mission of The Red Cloud Indian Schools is to provide a quality education from kindergarten through high school to the Native American children on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The educational process at Red Cloud Indian School attempts to give Lakota students the skills they need to compete in the larger society while retaining the traditional values and culture of the Lakota heritage. Course work includes a basic educational curriculum (Math, Science, History, etc.) as well as courses in ethics, religion, Lakota culture, Lakota religion, and Lakota language.
Website: www.redcloudschool.org