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Saint Francis Xavier Parish

Religious Education


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The purpose of the SFX Religious Education Program is to support parents in their roles as the primary catechists, or faith educators, of their children. Our program combines weekly class sessions with social events and service projects, to share our faith and love of God with our children (kindergarten through 8th grade), and also to enhance the spirit of community throughout our parish family.

Student Body

The program serves over 1000 students and over 500 families. In order to accommodate the growing numbers of students interested in the program, and a variety of student and family schedules, class sessions meet at three different times each week: Sunday mornings (9:00 – 10:15), Wednesday afternoons (4:00 – 5:15) and Wednesday evenings (6:15 – 7:30).


The SFX religious education program relies heavily on over 100 catechists (both with and without children in the program) and aides, who generously volunteer their time, talent and energy to the planning of weekly lessons and education of our children. Our catechists find it an enriching and rewarding opportunity to connect with our children and young adults in a religious experience. Catechists meet by grade level groups to coordinate goals and activities for the school year. Grade level leaders provide lesson plans and activities to facilitate a standardized curriculum to ensure that children at each level are taught the same concepts.

Parental Expectations

Parents are expected to attend Sunday Mass on a regular basis along with their children, to teach the importance of church attendance and worship as part of a religious community. Parents are asked to assist with homework assignments and the learning of prayers, to attend and participate in parent formation sessions, meetings, and family liturgies. Parental participation is also needed in sacramental preparation by attending preparation liturgies and participating in the recommended family activities at home.

Catechist Outreach is a component of the Religious Education program that encourages parents to informally participate in classroom and grade-level activities. By volunteering to assist in the classroom, at special liturgies, or with service projects, parents not only make a wonderful contribution to all the children in the SFX Religious Education program, but their role as the primary catechist for their child(ren) is strengthened.

Volunteer Opportunities
The success of the SFX Religious Education Program depends upon parent volunteers. Parents are needed to assist in the areas of Classroom Help (as assistant teachers, substitute teachers, or co-teachers), Liturgy (the Children’s Liturgy of the Word on Saturdays at 5:00 Mass), Music, Hospitality (welcoming new families, pizza party), Teacher Appreciation, Safety (monitor the parking lots, drop off areas and school building during classtime), Parent Resource (looking at ways to enhance our family faith formation), Bulletin Board and Service Projects (helping groups of children put their faith into action). Parent volunteers are appreciated throughout the year. Anyone having an interest in volunteering in any aspect of the Religious Education program should contact Ms. Terri Simeoni at 708-352-4555, or via email at sfxreligioused@sfxlg.org.

Special Needs

Please inform us of any special learning needs, health issues, or family issues your child may have. Every effort will be made to provide services to accommodate those special needs.