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QUEST: Final Confirmation Preparation

High school students who wish to be confirmed are invited to participate in the Quest Confirmation Program during the months of September through April of their freshman year. Those seeking Confirmation are asked to participate in several aspects of preparation for this important Sacrament. These aspects are:

·       Regular Participation in Sunday Eucharist

·       Service Opportunities 

·       Quest Speaker Events 

·       Participation in Lenten Teen Reconciliation Service

The elements listed above are provided for the candidate’s benefit and growth in faith. They are not meant to be an obligation that places heavy burdens on a candidate. Rather, these opportunities hopefully will facilitate a candidate’s sense of faith and belonging to the Catholic faith community.  This is a process of growth and maturation. And, it takes time. Each high school student reacts uniquely to this type of preparation program. For some, it is possible to enter into this process throughout the course of their freshman year of high school. For others, it may take more time for the process to take place. The program is open to high school students of all ages. In this way, a freshman may choose to do simply a portion of the program and continue with the remaining portions of the program in a subsequent year of their high school years. For example, if a candidate does not presently attend Mass on a regular basis, he/she may want to make that a priority in their life at this time and focus engaging in the remaining elements of service and QUEST Small Group meetings in their sophomore, junior, and/or senior year.  This allows the additional time that some teens may need in order to fully prepare for this Sacrament.

The most important portion of the program is the one just mentioned, weekly participation in Sunday Eucharist (Mass). This is a basic foundation of practicing Catholicism. The celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation only makes sense for a Catholic who is fully aware of the meaning of Catholicism itself, which includes participating in Sunday Eucharist (Mass).

Candidates who have completed these dimensions of the preparation process stated above will be asked to formally make an application for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation. This formal application occurs in March, in the weeks prior to Confirmation. Those unable to fulfill the requirements are invited to meet with the pastor or his representative.

How is the Youth Ministry program different from QUEST?

QUEST is the Confirmation Preparation program that teens participate in during the school year leading up to their Confirmation, typically their first year in High School (but other grades are welcome too!).  QUEST Groups fall under the direction of Elis Guidice, Director of Religious Education at sfxreligioused@sfxlg.org.  These groups are guided by parent volunteers with monthly meetings.  QUEST participants are welcome to participate in ANY teen youth ministry activity as long as it doesn’t conflict with their QUEST commitments.

My teen wasn’t able to get confirmed during the pandemic. What are my options? 

If your teen completed their 8th grade year via the day school or through the religious education program, regardless of what grade they are in high school right now, there is still time to register for the Quest Confirmation program!  If your teen did not complete their 8th grade year of catechesis due to covid last year and is a 9th grader this year, they have the option of a “double enrollment” in our 8th grade virtual asynchronous RE class and then their 9th grade Quest group. Please email the Religious Education office to register or if you have any questions at sfxreligioused@sfxlg.org