The Bereavement Ministry of St. Francis Xavier Parish—in the manner of Jesus, who grieved with the family of Lazarus, and who comforted the widow of Naim—provides a loving, compassionate and caring presence for those who have lost a loved one through death.



Who are the Ministers of Consolation?

They are generous and caring men and women who have made the commitment to accompany their fellow parishioners through the journey of grief. Ministers of Consolation are available during the evening and morning hours to attend wakes and funeral liturgies, as well as occasional training and formation sessions.



What Is Involved in Being a Minister of Consolation?

• Pray for members of our parish community who have died, and their families
• Offer a listening ear and a caring presence as the bereaved move through the services, and begin to work through their grief
• Visit the family and friends of the deceased at the wake to assure them that the parish community is with them in prayer and to offer sympathetic support
• Conduct the prayer service at the funeral home prior to the transfer of the body to the church on the morning of the funeral and committal
• Serve as lectors/readers and Eucharistic Ministers at the funeral liturgy as needed, or as requested by the family
• Greet and welcome those attending the funeral on behalf of the Saint Francis Xavier parish community
• Offer hospitality, comfort and support during the funeral liturgy at church
• Serve at the funeral liturgy, assisting the presider with details of the mass or service
• Sponsor two annual Eucharistic liturgies: a Remembrance Liturgy in honor of children entrusted to God’s loving care (recently or long ago); and, a Memorial Liturgy on the Feast of All Souls in November for those who have died during the past year. Each liturgy is followed by a reception
• Attend occasional sessions for prayer and on-going formation to support you in the ministry



Search within…

Listen to your heart…

Are you being called to this ministry?

Do you need more information?

Do you need help in discerning if you are able to serve others in this ministry?

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If your answer to these questions is