The Leadership of St. Francis Xavier Church is here to help you every way we can.  Please let us know how we might be of assistance to you.

Meet the Parish Staff

Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)...
is based upon a model of broad consultation among all parish ministries and organizations.  

Parish Commissions...
Parish Ministries and Organizations are divided into 4 Commissions: Spirituality/Worship, Parish Life, Human Concerns & Education and Formation

Re-start of the Parish Commissions: 
On Nov. 13, the Parish Commissions gathered leaders from the 4 Commissions and interested parishioners to "Re-start" the Commissions model. 


Notes from the breakout sessions of each Commission:

The next Commissions Meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 12, 2018, 7:30 PM.  All are welcome.

If you have any questions for further suggestions, please contact Parish Pastoral Council Chair, Mr. Curt Aronson at or 708-588-0668.