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Saint Francis Xavier Parish



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Why Faith Formation?

As children we receive faith formation in our families, our schools, our religious education courses. As adults, we are forming our children in faith, seeking community, and oftentimes yearning for a deeper purpose in life. We yearn for a more intimate relationship with the God who fulfills our longing for love, acceptance, relationship, and forgiveness. 

While our childhood faith formation is important for our growth into adulthood...

Most of the time, our childhood faith formation just doesn't stand up to the challenges of adulthood; and we crash into the realization that we have to keep growing. God has so much more for us.

St. Francis Xavier Parish seeks to provide you with manifold opportunities to

  • learn more about your faith,
  • share your faith in community with others,
  • experience many different types of prayer and Catholic spirituality and, through all of this, 
  • grow in relationship with each other and with God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

Check this website (or the Parish bulletin!) frequently for upcoming events, groups, and more. Click through the Faith Formation dropdown menu in the yellow bar above for events, groups, and more.

Email mmcmahon@sfxlg.org with questions, concerns, or just to talk about your journey and how we can serve your spiritual needs!