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Saint Francis Xavier Parish



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Ministers of Care


Trained and certified Ministers of Care in our parish bring the gifts of Eucharist and companionship to those living in nursing homes, the permanently homebound, and parishioners who are patients in our local hospitals.  Their visits to those who are unable to attend liturgy at church allow these parishioners to remain connected to the parish community in the sharing and celebration of the Eucharist–Jesus present in all of our lives.

The Ministers of Care also visit those who are–for a variety of reasons–temporarily or intermittently unable to attend mass due to advanced age, chemotherapy or radiation treatment, temporary hospitalization, bed-ridden pregnancy, convalescence after surgery, broken leg or pelvis, or recuperation after prolonged illness.

The Ministers of Care are generous and concerned men and women who are called to share the love and presence of Jesus with those whose physical needs limit mobility. Some of them choose to visit parishioners weekly in their homes.   Others lead (on a once-a-month basis) the weekly prayer services at our local nursing/retirement homes.  Still more visit individual patients in nursing or hospital settings.  There are also people who act as “transporters” at Meadowbrook Manor, assisting those who need help walking or who are in wheelchairs to get to the prayer service.

In addition to sharing the Eucharist, the Ministry of Care can make arrangements–with one of our priests–for the individual reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick.

Time Commitment: 

The time commitment is variable and can range from 1 hour per week to 3 hours per month.

Initial training consists of 10 hours of preparation sessions, and includes topics such as the Theology of Pastoral Ministry to the Sick; the practical aspects of the Ministry of Care; Listening Skills; the Theology of Aging, Death and Dying; and Prayer and Eucharistic Ministry.

Ministers of care are renewed in spirit and personal growth through prayer, reading and attending formation meetings at the parish several times each year.

For additional information about the Ministry of Care, or if you or a family member would like a Minister of Care to visit, please contact:

Scott and Mary Sue McDonald sjmcdonal@yahoo.com