All STUDENTS registered in the Religious Education Program are required to attend Sunday Mass either virtually or in person. Families will receive a weekly Mass Google form via email on Saturday morning that will need to be filled out and returned back to the DRE the following Wednesday after Mass is attended.

Mass Schedule:

Saturday: 5:00 p.m. (Live streamed on Facebook)


7:30 a.m.
9:00 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
5:00 p.m. 

ALL STUDENTS registered in the Religious Education Program will be asked to complete a total of 15 lessons from October 2021 – April 2022. Lessons will be uploaded to our RE YouTube channel (link will be sent to the e-mail the parent provides at registration) and child and/ or parent will be responsible to log on within the time frame they are given (1 and a half weeks to complete each lesson) and complete the quiz/test via Google forms. This is how attendance will be taken.

If a Google form is not received for the specific lesson from the student, this will count as an absence. If a student falls behind on their lessons there is a chance to catch up within a given time frame. Please contact the office via email if your child falls too far behind.

New students who will be preparing to receive the sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation are required to be enrolled in a religious education program for at least one year prior to their year of study for the sacrament.

Throughout the year, parents are encouraged to communicate freely with their child’s catechist. Catechists gladly welcome any information that will help with your child. In December and April, your child (grades 1-8) will receive an evaluation from his/her teacher regarding participation and cooperation.

Appropriate tuition and fees will be established for parish catechetical programs. Tuition and fees may change from year to year. Families who may have difficulty making payments are asked to call the Religious Education Office at (708) 352-4555 and to complete a Tuition Assistance Application.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT (This applies to virtual and in person learning)
Parents are expected:

  • to continue their own ongoing formation through prayer and adult education and by sharing of talents and treasure in the ministries of the parish and especially in the Parish Religious Education Program. The Program calls for the Gifts of Teaching, Hospitality, Support, Organization, and Time.
  • to review and enrich what has been presented in class, including the weeks when your child has been absent. It is impossible for a child to learn something if it is only presented once a week (twice a month virtually this year.)
  • to engage your family in At Home Lessons and return participation form on time.
  • to help children be conscientious about their work.
  • to help students come prepared for class by bringing their texts and/or activity books, homework, and coming well rested and fed.
  • to attend and participate in the parent formation sessions, meetings, and family liturgies as listed in the calendar.
  • to pray with your children. Throughout the program, prayer is recognized as personal contact with God. Students are taught and encouraged to pray in their own words. In addition, the common prayers each child needs to know are the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be.
  • to participate actively in liturgy and ministry with your children.
  • to support the needy through prayer, service, and contributions to the missions, especially during Advent & Lent.

EXPECTATION FOR PARTICIPANTS’ BEHAVIOR (When we return to in person learning)
Participants in the Religious Ed Program will behave appropriately, showing respect for other participants and catechists, as well as for the regulations established for the program. Repeated failure to show respect or to observe classroom rules will result in disciplinary action.

Program Regulations:
1) Arrive five minutes before the start of your scheduled session so that class can begin on time.
2) Each student is to treat others with respect. They are to:

  • be courteous in speech — inappropriate language is never acceptable;
  • be courteous and respectful in action — inappropriate physical contact such as shoving, pushing, etc. will not be tolerated;
  • maintain a noise level in the halls and on the stairs that allows others to work undisturbed in classrooms;
  • walk, never run, in the halls and on the stairs so that everyone’s safety can be assured.

3) Students are required to follow the classroom rules formulated by their catechists and classmates.
4) The cleanliness and care of the building is the responsibility of all. Students and parents will be held responsible for any damage to parish property.
5) Personal property belonging to teachers and students in the Day School have a “hands off” policy.
6) Gum chewing is not allowed in the building.
7) Each student is expected to have all the materials they need for each class.
8) Items that could prove to be harmful to others, or that can be used as a weapon, are never permitted on parish premises.

The following mode of action will take place if a child fails to abide by the stated regulations: a conference will be held between catechist and student; if infractions continue, the student will meet with the Director of the Religious Ed Program; when a child shows no indication of improved behavior, parents will be notified.

The Director of the Program is the final recourse in all disciplinary situations and may waive any and all disciplinary rules or procedures for just cause at her / his discretion.

SECURITY (When we return to in person learning)
All visitors and school volunteers are to enter the building through the parking lot doors. An adult safety volunteer should be on duty there to assist you. If no one is on duty, please ring the Religious Ed door bell for entry into the building.

All visitors are to report immediately to the Religious Education Office and receive a visitor’s name badge. Visitors may not go directly to classrooms.

Children are instructed never to admit anyone into the building, even if they know the individual. At dismissal time, please meet your child(ren) at their assigned dismissal location.