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Saint Francis Xavier Parish



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Have a New Ministry for SFX?

"Holy Church is ordered and governed with a wonderful diversity...and so amid variety all will bear witness to the wonderful unity in the body of Christ: this very diversity of graces, of ministries, and of works gathers the [children] of God into one, 'for all these things are the work of the one and the same Spirit' (1 Cor 12:11)." 

Lumen gentium, no. 32

The Holy Spirit works to build the body of Christ through each of our gifts in unique and unrepeatable ways. Your strengths, talents, and charisms are essential to our flourishing as a community and the Church's mission to consecrate the world itself to God. If you have an idea for a ministry, group, or event that we don't yet have - we would love to hear your idea and help you get it off the ground!

Here are some first steps:

1. Double check our ministry resource guide to be sure no one is already leading a ministry that fills the need you see or requires the gifts and talents you have to offer. 

2. Comprise a short mission statement for your proposed ministry - what exactly is the main thing that you want this ministry to accomplish? 

    Pro tip: take a look at the parish prophetic plan to see if it fits any of the goals and objectives outlined there!

3. Email our Pastoral Associate, Maggie McMahon, at mmcmahon@sfxlg.org with your mission statement and a brief explanation of your ministry to set up a time to meet and discuss next steps

THANK YOU for offering your passion and talents to our community. And, more importantly, THANK YOU for allowing the Holy Spirit to build the kingdom of God through you.