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Saint Francis Xavier Parish


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Congregation of St. Joseph

As Sisters of St. Joseph, former students, graduates, teachers and Principals of St. Francis Xavier School and members of the parish we remember: Sr. Imelda’s 1 st Grade Bungalow. Purchasing . . .

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Jackie DeThorne

My favorite memory concerning SFX (among lots of memorable happenings) happened when our Parish took a group of singers and friends to Israel.  Father Stenzel was our pastor at that time.  For me it was the most memorable trip I . . .

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Kate DeVries

Shortly before I joined the parish in 2007, I attended the 10:30 am Mass one wintry Sunday morning.  I had been visiting churches in the area, looking to see where I felt most welcome.  Homer and Lorraine Abiad, friends who sang . . .

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Ken and Valerie Grzeslo

Our fondest memory of St. Francis Xavier is our big wedding on November 26, 1983. The exterior and interior of St. Francis is just so beautiful. My wife and I grew up at very plain churches in Chicago's southwest side. After dating . . .

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Marie Hefler

When I was growing up as a student and attending grade school (K-8), the presence of Roman Catholic priests in my life instilled in me a life long dream to one day work for priests in their residence as a cook and/or housekeeper. A good . . .

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Barbara Hemminger

54 Years of memories?  My children’s Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations, Graduations and Weddings.  However, one of my favorite is participating with my fellow Parishioners in the SFX Theatre Group.  We did 2 shows . . .

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Loren B. Horton

On a bright sunny Saturday, Mary's Garden came into being. A committee had decided on a fitting statue, donated by Mr. Kickels, in memory of his wife. The benches were a gift of the Madigans, in memory of a son. Sr. Mary . . .

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Gene Jobin

It was Pentecost Sunday, 1980 something.  Father Joyce was presiding. I was lector at the 10:30 mass. It was a warm day and the church windows were open.  As he began his homily a flurry swept through the congregation. A pigeon . . .

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Josephine Knapp

On December 3, the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, in 2017, parishioner Josephine Knapp turned 100 years old.  It was a privilege to meet with her, and hear memories, wonderful stories of faith and her connection to . . .

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Michael Kalkowski

Both my wife and I are life-long Catholics, and when we moved to LaGrange in 1985 we intended to register at St. Francis Xavier.  Our call to the parish office yielded a reply from the then-current pastor, Father James Kill, that he . . .

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Tom Morsch

Jackie and I and our first two children (Tommy and Peggy) moved to LaGrange and joined St. Francis Xavier Parish in 1959. We did not know a soul, but soon felt at home.   Among the most vibrant parish organizations was . . .

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Daniel T. Murphy

...and Kathleen & Marylou Murphy and Janice Turek

“Come One, Come All to the SFX Family Communion Breakfast”   One of my fondest memories of my family blessed life at SFX is the Family Communion breakfasts.  There was a communion breakfast for men, and . . .

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Kathleen D. Murphy

I grew up in our SFX from kindergarten until I left for college. I returned to the area in 2009 but because our parents remained in the parish my siblings & I have all remained part of the parish in our own ways. That in itself is . . .

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Gertrude Nalumansi

My favorite memory of St. Francis are the children in the pews on Sunday.  It is beautiful, calming and assuring to experience children at prayer.   Some sit quiet and dignified, putting me to shame for loosing attention, . . .

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Catherine Wilson Opper

“Reunion” Little left for us to gain or lose but heaven itself, we chance a backward glance and find nothing lost, every sad and sweet thing like the in and . . .

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Hilary and Karl Perschke

My favorite SFX memory was my wedding day on 07-18-15. My husband and I have been parishioners since 2014. This was the best day of our life and we are so grateful to have our new life start together at St. Francis Xavier. 

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Cathy Phillips

When I signed David up for Religious Education, I went to the new parent meeting.  Fr. Stenzel was telling us new parents that he understands that it is hard to get the kids to church and to CCD.  He said “If you have to . . .

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Rebecca Rivan

I feel that St. Francis Xavier is a special place because of how welcoming it is.  I have been a member for 6 years and every Sunday I look around and see faces that are friendly and welcoming.  One of my favorite memories . . .

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Rita See

When I moved to La Grange from Plainfield about five years ago, I found the nearest Catholic Church, St. Francis Xavier, and the first time I passed through the doors, I was blown away by how stunningly beautiful it was.  I thought . . .

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David Sherman

In December of 1996 at Rosary Collage (now known as Benedictine University) Rosemary Sherman and I were assisting with the tech along with Carl Cindic for the presentation of the operetta “At Bethlehem’s Door” created by . . .

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Trudi Urchell

A good memory for me is Fr. Joyce’s firm handshake and his good sense of humor.

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Jim Wilson

In 1936, I started 4 th grade at St. Francis Xavier. There were four boys and seven girls in my class, but we shared the classroom with 3 rd graders. My favorite part of the school day was recess. We played tag and games with tops, . . .

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